Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploration 8: Alexis Evans

PART 1) Something from this semester that I am proud of is my poem from September. Not only did I like it because I thought it was some of my best work, but that it was also enjoyable to write. I enjoy writing poems like this because you can get all your thoughts out, without having to really think. This was the most fun exploration to do as a class in my opinion because everyones poem were very different, but in a way still so similar because of the topic. My favorite line I wrote from this poem would be the second stanza, "There was Philippe Petit,who thought his dream was near to impossible, this dream of his was in fact to be within the birds territory, high above in between the Twin Towers." This was my favorite part of my work because I thought the imagery was good. 

Near to Impossible
Just a normal day in the city
New York city
on the morning of August 7th, 1974
shortly after 7:15
1,360 feet below
there stood hundreds of people
astounded by what they were witnessing.
There was Philippe Petit,
who thought his dream was near to impossible
this dream of his was in fact to
be within the birds territory
high above in between the Twin Towers.
The towers that were once still here
standing tall
110 stories tall
the highest structure in the country
in 1974.
Here, in this very moment
crazy in my eyes to believe something like this was even possible,
now gaining fame for his illegal work,
the World Trade Center walk
Philippe achieved this immense goal.

PART TWO) The topic that I chose to share with you guys is currently the #5 most viewed article on The New York Times. The article is called "We Can't Trust Uber." Many of us know about the new apps coming out being replacements for finding taxies. Its now as easy as pressing a button on your phone and someone picks you up from that location. I chose this topic because I know many of us know about this app, and or have used it before. In this article it talks about how sooner or later Uber will get ahold of our information without the permission of us. It is a kinda scary thing to realize when actually thinking about it because its just an app on our phones with our information and location. Although these apps are very helpful, sometimes we are revealing things we thought we had not even disclosed with them. In this article, it also talks about Facebook and how starting January 1st, they are syncing everyones location on your phone unless you disable it as well as getting data that other people provide about you and even your contacts from your phone’s address book.  I think everyone should be knowledgeable about this topic and article because it is pretty serious and kind of weird to think about. Everyone should just be safe when clicking "accept" to apps because you really don't know what they are capable of. Below is what the Uber App looks like on a iPhone. 


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