Thursday, December 4, 2014

Necessity Is The Mother of Badassity

To sum up this article, I would say it's about how MMM thinks it's badass to accomplish tasks ourselves rather than hire a professional to do it for us, for example, construction work around the house. MMM uses an example from his own life; instead of hiring someone to come out and fix his mother's rooftop (re-shingle it) and re-do her kitchen he did it himself with just a little professional help and help from his brother.  MMM says, "Plunge in over your head and do something you're not quite ready for. With the right attitude, you can only come out ahead."

I think one of MMM's strengths in this post is putting his thoughts into real life perspectives that give us a different way of looking at the idea's and opinion's he's making; for example "How is it that some people find that life becomes strained to the limit after their first child is born, but then manage to go on to produce and raise several other children simultaneously? How do some runners that can barely jog out a few blocks go on to finish a marathon less than a year later? How do some people go from married, affluent lives of comfort, through divorce and perhaps career loss, then rebuild everything from scratch better and simpler than before?" I connected this with his personal example later on in the blog by interpreting it as How can you go from barley knowing how to change a light bulb to rebuilding a rooftop yourself?

I thought that the only weakness within this article was that it was hard to grasp the main point because the title was hard to tie into the post; and I feel like with MMM's blogs the title's are supposed to say a lot and prepare you for what your about to read. I could just be misinterpreting but this is just my opinion.

I think the writing style of this blog is hard to read because it comes off as informal but at some times it's written in a more formal way than I was expecting so it makes it kind of confusing at times. I think with this blog post the main point jumped around a bit. What might make it so popular is MMM's blunt opinions. I don't know if conserved people would appreciate MMM's blogs due to the cursing. I did not enjoy this and I will not read more of this blog because I found it hard to follow and I'm not interested in getting to consumed in how to save money yet the way MMM is suggesting.

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