Thursday, December 4, 2014

Exploration 7 by Nathan N.

In the blog post "The Surprising Effect of Small Efforts Over Time" by Mr. Money Mustache, he talks about how small little things you do can lead to big effects over time. In the blog he tells a story about how he helped his friend build a large expansion to his house by just spending  a few hours a day on weekdays. He and two other guys built the expansion in just six months by taking small steps which lead to a large accomplishment. Mr. Money Mustache in this blog tells his readers that this is a good step for his readers that people should follow. As an example if you don't feel like working out then all you have to do is do five pushups or ten sit ups and if you do that one a day it can lead to 1000 sit ups or 500 pushups over time which always make a difference.

One flaw with this mentality is that if you do small effects than it won't make a big enough difference in the future. Like working out for example. if you only do five pushups at a time then you wouldn't be breaking down enough muscle to actually make a workout. So although his small efforts idea could work for something's like building a house or writing a  blog,  "the habit of occasionally typing some shit into the computer has resulted in an enormous pile of articles on this blog. 360 of them, or over 1000 pages if you were to make it all into a (repetitive and poorly edited) book." There are just some things that you have to make a big effort on in order to make a difference.

I believe that although that this logic cannot be applied to everything it is still great advice that many people can follow. "small efforts, repeated over time, will almost always surprise you." says Mr. Money Mustache and he is right if we take small steps towards a goal we will eventually achieve that goal which is great!

I believe this blog is popular because it has a very positive tone to it and it can encourage anyone out there that can succeed. People need the moral boost that this blog gives them so people follow the blog. However, people who are not having as much luck and who may not be in the best financial situation might get upset with this blog because they believe it can't work that easy or it didn't work for them, even though they are the people who need this blog the most. Although I am not too concerned about money and believe money is a last priority in life I do like this blog and I hope to follow it for the positive message that can be found in many of the posts.

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  1. I enjoyed your thoughts about Mr. Money Mustache. I did not like his blogs to be honest, I think they are very opinionated. For example, I think that small effects could make a big difference!! Depending on what it is of course. I do agree with you on how it could encourage people though, and that's always positive :)


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