Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exploration 7 From Bryson

Wealth Advice that Should Be Obvious
By: Mr. Money Mustache

In this blog post Mr. Money Mustache talks about how to get rich and to avoid things that could make you un-rich, or prevent you from getting rich. The main point is to be smart, and not do dumb things with your money, i.e gambling, buying lottery tickets, or buying things you don't need. "The only way to win, is to not play" basically implying the principle of not risking money that isn't necessary to risk or spend in the first place. Mr. Money Mustache gives 8 main points that will help the wealthy to stay wealthy and the un wealthy maintain a sound financial status, or gain wealth (which ever they are trying to obtain):

1. Don't try to gamble your way to wealth. (lottery tickets, slot machines, etc.)
2. Windfalls are for buying freedom, not jet-skis. (Ex: No expensive restaurants, only non expensive)
3. You don't buy shit you can't afford. (Expensive cars, etc.)
4. You don't buy shit you don't need-- don't ever go shopping.
5. You don't pay to have shit stored
6. You don't think of restaurants as a source of food.
7. You put the good shit on automatic.
8. You stock up when things are on sale.

One specific strength of this article is that he is very blunt and to point. He does not involve politics or use words or terms that some member of society might not understand. He is able to talk down on everyone's different level so that everyone can understand the concept along with the lessons. For example when he says; "You don't buy shit you don't need", he is referring to the principle that people need to carefully examine what is a "need" and what is a "want, this is a concept that the majority of the people in American can relate to. He is also very good at avoiding political affiliation, and more stays with just the money talk.

One weakness of this article is that the use of his vulgar language and bluntness may be considered dis-credible to certain audience. When using the word "shit" in his points some people may consider this to be rude or an inappropriate for the context of the issue being discussed. By using this inappropriate language and context, people may often lose interest or not believe the points and advice that is given in these posts.

The style of writing in this blog is a very interesting style, one that is not considered politically correct by any means and often contains vulgar language, and blunt to the point advice or facts. However, I think that this style of writing is humorous and quite useful and is so popular because these are the same points that you hear on the news and read in the New York Times, but that style of writing is often difficult and above the reading level of our average day citizens. I really enjoyed this blog, I think that it is easy to understand and funny, which is often times what is needed to even show a remote interest in the topic especially with any sort of financial or political affiliation. I might continue to read more of this blog in order to obtain some sound financial advice, but I will not make it an every day habit, I will probably only refer to it when I need advice or a good laugh, and sometimes maybe both.


  1. I like how you pointed out the fact that when he uses swearing in his posts, "people may often lose interest or not believe the points and advice that is given." I think that's the only thing that might work against him when people first go to read his blog. The fact that he swears in his posts in my mind could be taken negatively and positively alike because although it might distract the readers every now and then, it also serves as a sort of "flavor" for his diction. I feel like without his swearing, the subject matter of his posts would be harder to understand. The words also help to evoke his emotions too. But that is just my opinion! Your review was very well-thought out, and it was great. Nice job.

  2. I liked how you pointed out how his being blunt is a strong suit and is also a major weakness for him as well, I would definitely agree. Your insight and interpretation of the article you read is very good and has me understanding the article without even reading it.

  3. I liked how you point out some words he use unprofessional. he is thinking he is teenager. you did good point.


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