Saturday, December 6, 2014

Exploration 8: My own design by Amanda Bracey

Part One: I will be choosing my poem that I wrote inspired about Philippe Petit smiling at the cop as he tight walks between the Twin Towers. I am proud of it more because I usually have trouble writing poetry. Yet with this one, I will say that I was able to write it and revision it in shorter time than any of my previous writings combined. Looking back on it, I find it just maybe one of my favorites as I am still able to remember certain parts of it that ends up brightening my day every time that I think about it.

My favorite line from the poem was created when I was watching the documentary of Man on the Wire. Philippe was talking about how many trips that he took into New York just to see the Twin Towers and how he was able to "sneak in" by telling people that he was an electrician or apart of the construction crew. There was even a short time when he broke his foot and did not have to give any story at all as people merely assumed that he needed access to the elevator, even gave him a badge so that he would be able to get to it with out waiting for someone. So, the line that I incorporated about his ways of deviance was "Many masks were called upon, in order for this one moment." 

I choose to share it in hopes that it pushes everyone toward the idea that the impossible is truly possible.It may take time and work to achieve it but when you hit that moment when you can visually see all your hard word paying off, it is a wonderful feeling. One that cannot be replaced or taken away for you.

Below is the full poem, so that you guys don't have to go back through the September posts:

One Moment
Above the world I thrive,
Teetering between life and death,
With my balancing pole to keep me from straying,
I walk hand in hand with my creator.
The wind races up from the street below,
Throwing it's rage at my body,
Trying to scare me,
To take me off the thin metal path I set forth.
My resolve is solid as a rock.
My body as light as a feather.

Knowing my dream has become reality.

8 months of the candle being burned at both ends,
Many masks were called upon, in order for this one moment.

The long arm of the law stands before me,
His face holds the promise to uphold the rules of man,
Yet, his eyes sparkle with the desire to be entertained.
I smile,
I, gave him a show,
One, all the world will know.

Beyond the mist of the cool, damp morning,
Screams and shouts fill my ears,
Pushing me forward, sending encouragement and strength in the air.
It is then I realize,
All the world is my stage,
I am, but a mere artist,
One who has proven the impossible, possible. 

Part Two: Life is funny at times. Mainly in how we perceive one thing as a child and as you get older you realize that your child self was completely wrong in various areas. Usually it is a matter of changing that particular mind set and move on with the day. Yet, there are those oddities that not only changes your mind but your whole way of being.

The Ronald McDonald house as a kid, I was under the full impression that it was a place for Ronald McDonald and his friends to come together and hang out everyday. While Ronald has been known to make an appearance there every once in a while. That is merely the icing on the cake. 

It is a place that works hand and hand with children's hospital. It is a temporary home for those families not native to Ohio that have children who are receiving treatment at children's hospital. With the support of the community and large corporations donating to keep the house up and running for the kids with more delicate illness were the thought of travel is slightly out of reach. 

The families  receive a minor comfort that with their many other bills that is lying in wait for them when they do get to go home the Ronald McDonald house only has them pay as little as $10 a month for rent. The Ronald McDonald house tries to make as many accommodations as possible just like a hotel would. Even if the parents only used the room for a shower and a place to sleep for a few hours before they head back to the hospital to be with their little one. That is what it is designed for.

It is important to me as I had recently had the opportunity to volunteer there. The kids that I met were wheel chair bound. Yet, they were able to laugh loudly and brightly as the sun when I played board games with them as their parents grabbed a few z's. All the while having a tube in their noses and a aluminium canister at their the backs. I wanted to ripe their pain from their bodies that they so carefully hide from all of the world. Instead, I just stayed in awe of their strength and courage. Knowing they need all of help they can get so that they can focus on getting better. 
I bring this up as the house is always in need of volunteers and even if you are not able to be with the kids there is always manual labor to be done. Money of course will always be accepted. But even if you are unable to give monetary things. One of the ways they work to raise money outside of fundraisers and bake sales is the fact that they are accepting pop tab from cans. The more the merrier and at the end of the month, they try and take all of the pop tops that they received and sell them by the pound. 

 My call to action if you will, in support of the pop tabs at the very least. They are so light and usually gets tossed out anyway as they don't have much real use once the can has been opened. But if they can help a child be comfortable in a strange state while undergoing radiation treatment, then why not give them to the Ronald McDonald's house.
Part Three--Just a little short something with 
Philippe that is his thank you for believing in magic It just makes me smile whenever I am having a bad day.


  1. I actually took the time to read this whole exploration. Honestly it was a lot of writing but I think it was the best exploration that I read. from start to finish you really had me hooked and i think that in your first part, the writing you chose was perfect. Your poem was moving and made sense when i read it. Also your second part was I feel very well thought out and can be perceived as many different ways. Great job!

  2. Wow! I really liked that poem it is truly inspiring and I am glad i didn't just look over this or hardly read it. You had tremendous work and effort put into this. great job.

  3. Love how you chose the Ronald McDonald association, especially because you've had your own moving experience that you shared with us. I love when people add experiences in their stories and posts because it makes it seem so much more valuable to me. It really sounds like you're trying to help and get people involved. That's so awesome how you went and spent some time with those kids, I don't doubt that it was an extremely moving experience!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed how you shared your own personal experience and compared it to why you love the Ronald McDonald association so much. This was all very inspiring and heart-felt. It is also great timing as my sister and I have been actively looking for ways to volunteer around columbus, or really in any way that we can so by reading this it has definitely sparked a great option! Thanks very much for sharing, and great job!

  5. I really like your poem ,it was very creative. also i enjoyed your video. great job

  6. That was a very well written poem. It described that whole video and situation perfectly and captured the moment. Probably one of the best i have read this year. Great job!

  7. I really liked how you chose to do the Ronald McDonald House. It's an amazing organization that makes the lives for the parents just a little simpler. I also think that it was really touching that you added your own experience. I really think you did a phenomenal job on this exploration!


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