Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploration 7: Alexis Evans

The Mr. Money Mustache blog I read for class today was "The MMM Challenge: Save 100 Dollars This Week." In this blog he gives you tips on how to easily save $100 by cutting down on the unesscary things we do on a weekly basis. Some of the examples he gives are trying not to go out to eat at all that week and you will easily save yourself $20-$30. Another way of saving money without thinking about it is gas. Try to do all your trips in one setting rather then keep going out for things throughout the night, also car pool with friends.
 A strength in this blog post was that it was easy and fun to read and had some good tips. I liked how he was enjoyable to read with his use of language and enthusiasm. He wrote "At the end of the week, there will be some excellent things to do with the $100 or more you just saved!" I think by having a positive attitude more people will be up for trying out these tips.
The weaknesses in this blog post was that it was a little short, and I think he could of thought of more tips to save weekly rather then just the several he posted because not all of those will work for peoples lifestyles. He mentions in this post "It’s okay to break the rules if necessary, but you have to try your best." I think by him saying that "it's ok to break the rules" just defeats the challenge. He only mentions 3 ideas to save $100. I believe that he could easily have came up with more to fit many other peoples lifestyles because not everyone can do all their trips and appointments and or car pool with friends.
The writing style of this blog and which I believe makes it so popular is that he is straight up and an average guy. It makes it easier for people to read and think that these goals are actually possible to accomplish if Mr. Money Mustache can do it. The individuals who might not enjoy this blog at all would be people who don't believe that any of these ideas are possible. The people I think that would want to follow this blog is individuals that are very open idea people and also people struggling financially. Personally, I think I fit in between where as I am trying to save my money but these ideas he gave are more for older indviduals. Overall, I thought his blog was cool and different then others I have read in the past. I think I will read more of this blog when I become to the age of needed to really use these tips he mentioned, but as of right not I probably will not keep up with his blog posts.


  1. I thought your article choice would be very helpful to me. I spend so much money on just fast food alone. I also found that my article was also very easy to read. I agree with you that he could make his articles a little longer by adding more helpful ways to do things to save money.

  2. I thought this article choice was a really good one because people really should know how to handle their savings and take into account of how much money we spend on fast food alone and what else we do as well.

  3. I agree with what you have to say about how it's easy and fun to read. I think certain people would enjoy his humor, but I also feel like others would find it offensive. A part of me feels like yeah he's right..but if you work really hard and you are able to afford things like going out to eat a lot, and you enjoy it, then why not? So I do agree, but I also think it could be offensive to people who do live this way.

  4. I like how you wanted more from the article than what you got out of it by wanting more examples that were suitable for everyone. We both agreed that his articles are easy to comprehend and read, which is good! Good analysis as well!


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