Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Expo 7. A Badass Utopia- Fathia

In Mr. Money Mustaches blog, he talks about how he and his wife took a trip to Montreal where everything there seemed to be a perfect Utopia. A place with perfect qualities. In this blog he talks about his view on a utopian world and what it would and would not include. It would be a combination of all the good parts of human nature to neutralize the awful parts. Everyone would work, but only because working for money gives everyone a goal, or something that they have to go out and accomplish in order to get money. He says that people would invest most of the money they make so that it can generate extra income for them. In Mr. Money Mustaches utopia everyone would ride bikes. Which would reduce the carbon footprint of everyone, and would make everyone greener. He also says that soup kitchens and libraries, and schools would always have volunteers.He says that to achieve this sort of utopia it will require hard work and saving a lot of money. I agree with him on this point. I think that to achieve the perfect Utopia that we all desire we have to work hard for it. Nothing will come easy. If he does ever get a chance to make this Utopia, I definitely want to be a part of it.


  1. I really like this post, I think that Mr. Money Mustache is putting our culture under a microscope and explaining how if you can control your money you will not be owned by the government. I like the way he thinks our system should work and gives everyone options on how to make it a possibility. Good job!

  2. I agree with you that Mr. Money Mustaches does make good points and has the courage to back them up. I like the fact that he gives options and ideas on steps that could be taken to make your life that much more easier. From what I have observed most of the time his steps could be completed within a few seconds and it will equal a total life altering change that would better lives around the world.

    I like simplicity and while there may be points that I don't agree with Mr. Money Mustache about, I am glad that his writing is easy to understand so that I make my own decision without being confused about what he was trying to convey.


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