Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review Exploration 6 Cameron Watson

In this video titled FRESH, a documentary meant to inform viewers about what we are eating, why we are eating it, and where it comes from.  It also provides a new way of thinking about what we are eating.  After watching this documentary, I ended with a mixed review.  At first, I wasn't really sure I was going to like this documentary because after watching this I knew that I was going to continue to eat unhealthy food and not care where it came from honestly.  That being said as I continued watching the documentary, I realized that there was a lot that I was unaware about and could really benefit from.  Overall this documentary was very informative and towards the end I began to respect these people a lot more because of the point they were trying to get across. The point being that healthy and agriculturally produced food has benefits beyond measure.
         At the beginning of this documentary it showed all of these chicks (baby chickens) being tossed violently on to the ground and the people talked about what these baby chickens represented and why they were being thrown together and isolated.  I have many times eaten Tyson Chicken.  Through Tyson, the production at one point was not as fast as the company would have liked it to be.  Therefore, the company decided to make sure that the next time around during production, the chicks would grow faster through a hybrid form of production.  This simply was too much for me to understand and since it was hard to comprehend, I think I speak for a lot of people who lack this knowledge, that we will continue to eat chicken through companies like Tyson because it simply tastes good.  However, towards the end of the documentary when the tall former pro athlete now a conventional farmer Will Allen spoke, I was able to get a better understanding and actually felt sympathy for a lot of those animals. Will Allen made sense and spoke to everyday people and changed they way that they view eating.  He went back to his home roots so to speak.
        One of the biggest themes in this documentary was the idea of a "food desert".  What this means is that people live in an area where fresh food and produce cannot be attained even though the majority of the people wish to eat this type of food.  Michael Pollan,  an agriculturalist said "Food is at it's most nutritious when it's whole.  Cheap food is an illusion."  With this idea of food being unobtainable is difficult to understand.  People can go to the store and purchase Ramen Noodles but can't purchase an apple.  This documentary I believe was created to let people know that if they really want to, any fresh food can be put anywhere in any market.
       John Ikerd, and agricultural economist had a roommate in college who was Pakistani.  His roommate said "Americans fear one thing... inconvenience."  This is someone who is an outsider looking in.  Someone who probably came to the United States simply for college and by living the college life and being in The United States for a small amount of time made this very simple but accurate statement.  Russ Kremer, an agriculturalist farmer that has recently been very successful due to the amount of people wanting to buy his produce along with believing his way is the healthy way, believes in the same thing Will Allen does.  People tell him "These are the best pork chops I have ever had."  Kremer has also many applicants wishing to work for him because of the health benefits and the nice pay.  Kremer also said "If you want to be apart of this system, follow all instructions."  It is because of people like him that made this documentary towards the end understandable and quite possibly change peoples lives.   

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