Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exploration 6- Alexis Evans

         Not only farmers but thinkers and business people across the world are reinventing the way food is made in todays era. The film Fresh most definitely lives up to one of it’s tag lines, “New thinking about what were eating.” This film shows you not only the rapid transformation of how people are eating today, but the horrible ways things are treated to get to the food we consume in our everyday lives.  
         In Fresh you see as the viewer how poorly the animals we eat are treated. They are treated with no respect at all and are shot up with all kinds of medicines for them to just be killed a few short months after. As viewers, we can listen to the many famers talk about which companies have to do to complete their average in the food business. This includes injecting the animals with different kinds of medicines and treating for many diseases they could potentially have. Viewers also get the chance to see graphic images in this film, one example being when they were just throwing baby chicks like they were peanuts. It was sad knowing that they were just something to grow up to eat in the end and being treated like some would say with abusive behavior.   

         The main theme of this film was how overall in todays society how food is changing. There are many ways of how people go about eating and many different things and ways to eat. You hear many opinions of different farmers and business men and how they go about still making a living with how they run their business. George Naylor, who is a farmer, stated that one of his friends from the middle eat said "Americans fear one thing and that is inconvenience”(Fresh). Sadly this is very true when looking at the view of things. The cheaper food is the food that is injected with many medicines and how they go about treating the animals in the process. Naylor also said " conventional farmers put the organic farmers on a pedestal”(Fresh). In my opinion, that is very true. Although organic is expensive, in the long run it is better for not only our health, but the health of the animals on this earth. The more organic and expensive food is a show how the company treats the animals as a whole and in a better way. It is an overall dilemma in todays society because many of us really don't think about what goes in to the everyday food that we eat. 

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