Friday, November 7, 2014

Exploration 6 by Amanda Bracey

Watching the film by Ana Sofia Joanes titled Fresh, at first, The title did not make me think that it was in reference to food. I thought it was going to be a new way of looking at the way that handle ourselves as people. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised that it was about the comparison and contrast about the way that the food from the supermarket and the way farmers grow the food are two completely different entities.  
We have stores like Giant eagle and Wal-Mart to name a few. With these mammoth stores in place, pushing the bigger, better cheaper mentality. I as a consumer feel that there is no other option. Supermarkets do not hide the fact that they are not worried about farmers taking their customer's away from them. Yet, more farmers are uniting together in order to have their voice heard. Which makes one think that there maybe more to our food consumption that we originally thought.  

As we were watching Fresh video, George Naylor, who is a graduate of the University of California as well the leader of the National Family Farm Coalition shared with us his story about his college roommate from Pakistan who said "Americans fear one thing and that is inconvenience. " It is a sad but true statement about our society.  Everywhere we look,  we are overwhelmed with idea of being fast is going to make it better and will result in a big pay off at the end of the day. No one cares about the quality so long as it looks good. 
Throughout the course of the movie, the basic premise of the movie was to open ones eyes to the truth of the difference of the kind of food that we buy in the store vs what we would have if we just went back to living off the land.  To show how these big food suppliers are able to produce much in a short window of time. I had no idea that the reason the cattle and chicken grow so quickly is because the amount of antibiotics and other dead animals getting mashed up into their feed and then they are forced to eat. I have one word to say about that "Yuck!"
Especially, when according to the food dive, the FDA and the government are starting to crack down on food suppliers like Predue to stop putting on their chicken labels that they are "humane grown" as there are certain standards that have to be met in order to have that label on the food that is being sold and apparently those standards were not being met currently. To this day, Predue denies any allegation that they did anything different to their product prior.    
I believe Diana Endicott, who is the president of the Rainbow Organic Farms as well as the farm to market coordinator of Good Natured Farms that has allied with over 150 local family farmers in order to help to build the understanding in others and allow them to make the decisions for themselves and their families brought the point home when she said " People should feel good about what they put in their bodies and w
e should have a choice on where our food comes from."  It's is a very true statement that resonated with me on a personal level as I like to pay for quality over quantity.

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