Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exploration 6 Mackenzie

The film Fresh puts across a wide-ranged of reviews and emotions about the concept of Industrial farmers and how the produce and meat are taken care of.  The film gives me mixed reviews based on its almost incomplete looks from both sides of the spectrum.  Although, Fresh begins by getting our attention with a farmer, who later turns out to be, Joel Salatin; Salatin presents are clear look into the life of a farmer who produces healthy and chemical free based produce.  "Natures screaming to our industrialized culture, ENOUGH!", I took Salatin to heart because he was very informative of his information and made a clear point about his farming.  He showed how horrible the industrialized farming is by giving an example of cows eating dead cows as food, even though they do not eat meat.  "treat the herbivore like a herbivore and the others will fall into place."

While there were many informational and inspirational speakers throughtout the film, these speakers seem a bit biased towards the chemical free produce and meat.  They use of one couple as a speaker for the side voting towards processed, chemically induced produce presented in unsantitary factories.  While yes, I do believe that the side of freshly produced food is definitely something we should work to try to accomplish as a whole society, the producers should have used more people from the other side.

The couple presented from the opposing side, the industrial farming side, mentioned how the "health of the bird is better".  While I know that really isn't true based off of my own personal knowledge and let alone this documentary, this couple fails to mention any valuable information about the knowledge inside the factories which gives little to no insight about what is going on inside the plants.  While that is not completely their fault, I would have liked more information about what was actually being done in the inside of the factory so that I can be given the option to choose wisely about my "food" choices. 

The information that is presented throughout the film opens a wide variety of speakers about how organic food, is the best food, but in the terms of producing enough for the country and/or countries, this seems almost impossible.  I understand completely how industrialized farming began, simply they wanted to make food more convenient and more of an option to everyone, but by doing so they are harming the people they were trying to feed.  The people are unsure about what is being put in the chicken and cow feed, along with the plants as they are being induced fertilizers which carry lots of chemicals.  If people were really knowing what was concluded in the food that is being processed by the industrialized farms, I would hope many eating habits would change. 

So in conclusion, Fresh shows many informational speakers and produce a more biased view to the information being presented.  In other words, they would prefer you to chose just the side on eating organic and not purchasing any processed meat or plants, as they are harming our people and animals.

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