Sunday, November 9, 2014

Exploration 6 Jill

     Fresh is a documentary about the food we consume. Through out the film we are shown the different ways that our food is being processed. Some ways are healthier than others. We are able to see where our food is coming from, what is going into our food and how our food is being handled. The documentary is a great way for one to get a better understanding on farming and agriculture while also learning the healthy ways our food is being processed and also the harmful ways.
     "Americans fear inconvenience." This was a great quote to start the documentary. It was very powerful and already grabbed our attention. The quote is true, Americans fear inconvenience. We come from a culture where when we want something we want it now. When we are hungry and want food, we want it now. That is why we venture to fast food chains. We want the food but we don't always worry about what is behind the food that we are putting into our bodies. Farms are using vast amounts of antibiotics on the plants to keep the them healthy and also it creates vast amounts of the product. Agriculture economist, John Ikered stated "We are obsessed with productivity. More, more, more." The farmers are finding ways whether they are healthy ways or not just to produce more so that they can ship it out and sell more and more.
     Feed lots are on the rise as a more suffiencent way to farm. But this way is also harmful to not only the animals but also us and the enviornment. Feed lots are a way of farming where the animals are raised in an confined area. These areas are usually small, and sheltered. Therefore the animals are forced to eat, drink, use the restroom and sleep all in the same small area. The animals food is delivered to them and they do not get the chance to graze outside like they were born to do. This situation leads to bacteria in feed lots and can lead to harming to consumers of these animals. The documentary states that these animals should be outside where they blond. Nature works together.
     Director of Growing Power, Will Allen shows us the healthy ways to farm. Will Allen works to educate others on how they can farm and have their on healthy food. He wants to change the existing food system. One of the visitors at Will's Farmhouse stated "The earth is his passion." While farming, Will does not use any chemicals on his plants and this has lead to the outcome that his plants have never had any diseases. He tries to use space efficiently as possible. Anyone who wants to eat a more healthy way can and that is what Will Allen helps people reliize and educates them.
    The documentary is very informative. At the beginning of the film, I thought I was going to be bored and uninterested. But I was exactly the opposite. The film documents the harmful ways of farming by showing us what exactly is going on and what the harmful ways can cause and then the film goes to show the more healthier ways you can farm and how easy it is and that anyone can do it.

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