Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Asiya Exploration six

Fresh was excellent documentary that show us about our food industry good thing and bad things. I think this Documentary encouraging us to do better our environment. When I started first I did not know where it came from. What we were eating. After I watch I got many ideas.   I saw unhealthy food and we ate every day. But I did not care because I don’t have any knowledge. They were investing us crop, we will eat. Although they put some chemical it was making grow fast. They were trying to do better work to change America environment.  
            George Naylor was one of the farmers. He said “I've gotten a premium for non GMO corn and soy. With corn, I don’t actually need a premium to make ends meet. My non GM corn yields as good as or better than my neighbor’s GM corn.” So the premium does help with that. he was one of the famous farmer and his family. He grew up Lowe farmer. Iowa state is where the landscape is plastered with millions of acres of genetically modified corn, soybeans along with their poisonous herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers pollution. When he explaining the different crops and how he used to grow so fast without putting any chemical.

Important Quotes were when George Naylor said, “Growing corn is the most efficient way to get energy calories from an acre of Iowa farmland.”  That corn made calorie can find its way into our bodies in the form of an animal fat, a sugar, or a starch; such is the protean nature of carbon in that big kernel.  He was hard worker and he wanted our environment good health food. I think this is my best quotation. Watching this documentary I noticed more about unhealthy food.

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