Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brainstorm 3 ideas for Essay Three. From Mike Lohre

Please post your 3 good topic ideas for Essay 3 here in the Comments section, and tell us which of the three you are leaning toward doing or most excited about right now.



  1. Essay 3 Topic Ideas
    1) A letter to the producers or director of the documentary "Fresh" talking about organic farming.
    2) A review of a concert
    3) An argument on he topic of abortion (but this might be too controversial).

  2. Essay ideas:
    1. Analysis for Organic foods from the ideas presented in Fresh.
    2. Argument on Fast food and whether or not it is cheap
    3. review of a movie

  3. 1. Argument on abortion
    2. argument on global warming
    3. review of American horror story

  4. 1. Review of Gone Girl as a book or a movie
    2. An argument on bacteria and diseases from Fresh
    3. A letter to a company on your opinion on their product(s)

  5. 1. Letter to a company about a specific product that they have manufactured (opinionated).
    2. Argument for whether or not tablets/computers should become the primary source of student learning within a classroom.
    3. Review of the film, "In Time" with Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried, or a Review of "Skyfall" with Daniel Craig

  6. 1.) Review- review the phone HTC ONE M8
    2.) Letter- write a persuasive letter to L'oreal to stop animal testing
    3.) Argument- argue that violent video games don't make you violent.

  7. 1. Argument: does social media have more of a negative or positive effect on society?
    2. Argument: Abortion
    3. Argument: is the current minimum wage fair?

    I'm leaning towards social media

  8. 1.) Review: A Long Way Gone
    2.) Argument: 50 Shades of Grey
    3.) Letter to convince Sarah Brightman OR Andrea Bocelli to perform in Columbus, Ohio

  9. 1) Argument for legalization of marijuana

    2) Letter to the NFL in regards to Domestic Abuse

    3) Reviews of two new movies in 2014

  10. 1. review on a new movie/book/music
    2. argument for college tuition
    3. letter to persuade someone/ discuss opinions on product

  11. 1) Argument-Why college athletes should get paid <--- this one
    2) Argument- have youth sports gone out of control?
    3) Review- Mayhem guy (insurance)

  12. 1=air pollution
    2=girls education Iphones

  13. Review: Gone Girl
    Argument: Abortion
    Review: Apple products

  14. 1: Review of my favorite book - Fifty Shades
    2: Letter to my younger self
    3: Review of an event/movie

  15. 1.) A review of the Affordable Care Act and the affect on physicians
    2.) An argument for reasons to become/not become a doctor
    3.) A letter to my favorite athlete

  16. 1) Argument: Are motorcycles themselves dangerous?
    2) Letter to Govt: End Puppy Mills
    3) Review: G Eazy Concert


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