Saturday, November 8, 2014

Exploration 6 - Chazz

     Fresh is a film documentary that takes us on an adventure behind the scenes of processed food, and how easy it is to access these products on a daily basis. The main point of this film was to show us how bad processed foods can be for us, how these foods are processed, and how we should start eating healthier and using better quality ingredients for the sake of our health and the environment. 

    The film opens up with a quote that says “Americans fear only one thing…inconvenience”. This quote explained that Americans are unconcerned if chemicals has been placed on food products. Just as long as the food they’re eating looks good, or taste good, either way they’re happy. I felt that this film was an eye opener to not only me, but many others who were once clueless about where their food is coming from. According to the film, many of these farms were monitored by companies who used chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics on their produce and livestock. Diseases in the animals were said to be caused because of this, and that seems very unheathy for our sake. This documentary went on to show us things that we probably never knew about the foods that we may enjoy everyday. The entire first half of the film takes us deeper into the farms to see how bad they were, and then it shifts to show us how local organic farmers treat their products differently.

    The way that this film shows us a positive view to farm for the environment was by taking us through a series of organic farms, and showing us how they treat their vegetables, fruits, and animals differently. One of the farmers that stood out to me was Will Allen. Will Allen is a farmer who bought unused land in 1993 and transformed it into a farm . On this farm Allen states that everything is edible, and he uses as much space as possible for growing fresh produce, and producing fresh meats for the community. Allen has a system where he uses the farm as sort of like an ecosystem. He uses the water from the fish to fertilize the soil of the plants, and he let's the people see the worms that are in the soil to let them know that they are there to help remove dead and decomposing material. One thing that Allen says is "People learn how to eat healthy and know where their food comes from". I agree with him because the people seemed to like the hands on experience when touring through his farm. Everyone was interested in learning how the farm worked. Also, they got to see how fresh, and chemical free the goods and produce were.

    In the beginning of this film I wasn't exactly sure what this documentary was going to lead to. However, as the film went on I began to understand the point that it was trying to bring across. They wanted us to see the ways that some of our products that are convenient to us are truly made and the many risky ways that they are processed. This documentary showed us where and how most of the foods that are "convenient" come from, and tries to get us to see that local farm fresh foods are better for us and the environment in which we live in. Overall it was a great documentary. 

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